Welcome to the Education Health Center Initiative!

EHCI-Website-ImageNew models of training primary care physicians and health care professionals in health centers are necessary to ensure adequate health workforce to staff our nation's safety net clinics.


Break down barriers to access so every American has a patient-centered medical home

  • A shortage of family physicians and other health care professionals in health centers which could lead to the collapse of the health safety net serving the most vulnerable population
  • Lack of secure funding, a threat to the survival of family medicine residency programs and other clinical programs

EHCI Offers consulting services to Community Health Centers for a range of health professionals. We can help achieve your goals with innovative workforce solutions.

We provide consulting services for Family Medical Residency Programs, Nurse Practitioner Programs, and Physician Assistant Programs


Community health centers and family medicine residencies

The Education Health Center Initiative (EHCI) is a regional grassroots coalition to support Family Medicine Residencies and Community Health Centers who are interested in the creation or expansion of an educational health center program, most specifically a Teaching Health Center.

NWRPCA is proud to collaborate with its organizational partner—the Community Health Association of Mountain/Plains States, to sponsor and support the Education Health Center Initiative.

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