Featured Vendors
To better serve our member health centers, all of which have a constant need to purchase or contract for products and services, we identify and partner with select vendors that have demonstrated the ability to provide high-quality goods and services and a dedication to excellent customer service and unquestionable business ethics. Vendors that work with community and migrant health centers (C/MHCs) in the spirit of our mission return a small share of Region X revenue to NWRPCA to support our programs and general operations, with no strings attached. We call these companies “featured vendors.”

Our Current Featured Vendors

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Through our partnership with Community Health Ventures' Value in Purchasing ProgramMcKesson Medical Supplies offers our members a large selection of quality national brands along with its own proprietary brand and promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Physician offices, surgery centers long-term care facilities, and home care providers purchase supplies from McKesson. Examples of medical supplies McKesson offers are needles and syringes, vaccine and test kits, custom procedure trays, diabetic supplies, gloves and masks. McKesson, through Community Health Ventures, also partners with Oregon Primary Care Association (OPCA) and Washington Association of Community & Migrant Health Centers (WACMHC).



 Henry Schein Medical Division offers our members a comprehensive selection of products and services, operating through a centralized and automated distribution network, with a selection of more than 120,000 branded products. This featured vendor association is through our partnership with Community Health Ventures' Value in Purchasing Program.




Through Community Health Venture's Value in Benefits (ViB) program, Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services Inc. is proudly changing the way health centers and their employees access healthcare with the partially self-funded health insurance program, Nonstop Wellness. The Nonstop Wellness program decreases the annual costs of employer-sponsored health insurance for community health centers while reducing or eliminating copays, deductibles and coinsurance. Nonstop's mission is to ensure the growth and sustainability of the health centers they serve –starting with the health and wellbeing of their employees.


How does a company become a “featured vendor”?

Generally, this happens in one of three ways:
  • We rely on the connections and good judgment of our national partner, Community Health Ventures, to recommend vendors as partners.
  • The vendor has done business with some of our members, and the members recommend the company.
  • The vendor expresses an interest in starting to do business in Region X, and is then reviewed by staff and board, after which a pilot project with a few NWRPCA members verifies the company’s quality, service and ethics.

Check this page regularly to discover other vendors in which NWRPCA has placed its trust on behalf of its member health centers. You may assume a featured vendor is sharing a small part of its Region X revenue with the regional PCA. NWRPCA members who do business with featured vendors may request an annual accounting of the revenue share the PCA has earned from that business. Contact us for that information.
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