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Partners are vital to our success. We have a big job to do here in the Northwest, as we care for those who care for all. NWRPCA's member health centers are scattered far and wide, in urban and rural areas, on frontiers, on either side of the mountains, and all the way out in the Bering Sea! We are fully committed to strengthening those health centers by leveraging regional power and resources on their behalf, but we know we can't do it alone.


Whether the support is financial, educational, political, or organizational, each partner contributes significantly and uniquely toward our efforts to make our Northwest community and migrant health centers (C/MHCs) both the providers of choice and the employers of choice within their communities.


From annual sponsorships, to sponsoring or exhibiting at an NWRPCA event, there are many ways to show your organization's support for C/MHCs in the Northwest. 


Annual Sponsors >>

Annual sponsors provide funding that supports NWRPCA’s operating expenses while sharing knowledge and expertise in the primary care sector, including lab solutions, insurance options, smart purchasing, responsible banking services, and more. NWRPCA is pleased to recognize Annual Sponsors in a variety of valuable ways. Read more about annual sponsorships.


Conference Exhibitors, Advertisers and Sponsors >>

NWRPCA's annual conferences reach a wide and diverse audience. Our conferences, forums, and training events attendees will recognize your organization as a strong supporter of community well-being through innovative, collaborative thinking and a commitment to addressing health issues equitably and sustainability. Read more about becoming an exhibitor, sponsor, or advertiser at one of our conference events.


Featured Vendors >>

Our corporate partners provide goods and services vital to C/MHCs at affordable prices. We share with our members our confidence in these corporate partners and, in return, NWRPCA realizes a modest revenue share from business conducted in Region X. Read more about our featured vendors.


Funders and Supporters >>

Our funding partners and financial supporters help defray the cost of offering our programming to our members, some in the form of grants, others in the form of annual or event-specific sponsorships. Some of our most valued sponsors step forward to provide support specifically for our respected major conferences. In addition, both not-for-profit and for-profit companies and institutions regularly exhibit at our conferences, providing financial support in another way. Read more about becoming a funding partner.


Education & Training Partners >>

Our Education & Training Partners provide education and training opportunities that complement NWRPCA's offerings, collectively providing world-class professional development for our clinical and administrative C/MHC staffs and boards. Through distance-based learning, we are able to partner with universities, consultants, and organizations nationwide. Read more about becoming an Education & Training Partner.


Other Sponsorship Opportunities >>

From sponsoring a stand-alone training to providing financial support for a NWRPCA initiative, we accept proposals that benefit NWRPCA member health centers from potentials sponsors. Read more about other sponsorship opportunities.


Primary Care Association Partners >>

We partner regularly with other primary care associations, including the four state PCAs of Region X (Alaska PCA, Idaho PCA, Oregon PCA, and Washington Association of Community and Migrant Health Centers) and the regional PCA headquartered in Denver, Community Health Association of Mountain/Plains States (CHAMPS). Read more about our PCA Partners.

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