Annual Awards
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NWRPCA Annual Awards

NWRPCA awards are given at our Annual Membership Meeting at the Spring Summit in May.

Legacy Award

Honors an individual who has dedicated his/her career to solving the problems of health, poverty and human rights and who has contributed toward the mission and recognition of community and migrant health centers in the Northwest region.
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Summit Award

Honors an individual within the NWRPCA membership who has reached a singular level of achievement in a particular area of expertise or service. The 2019 Summit Award will be given to an outstanding leader in addressing chronic illness: diabetes and hypertension.

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Helping Us Help You Award

Honors an individual or group of individuals who has helped NWRPCA better serve its member health centers. NWRPCA staff select the recipient of this award.


Award History

Legacy Award

2007: Dennis Braddock

2008: Tom Trompeter

2009: Erwin Teuber and Stan Steadman

2010: Leslyn Phelps

2011: Rhonda Hauff

2012: Stephen Weeg

2013: Beryl Cochran

2014: Barbara Malich

2015: Maria Loredo

2016: Desmond Skubi

2017: Araceli Gayton and Angelica Ruppe

2018: Craig Hostetler

2019: Mike Maples

Summit Award

2011: Outstanding preceptor – John Betz, PA-C, Columbia Basin Health Association

2012: Leader of a successful quality improvement program – Malcolm Butler, Medical Director, Columbia Valley Community Health

2013: Leader of PCMH initiative - Katie Bell, COO, Neighborcare Health and Michelle Sullivan, QI Director, Yakima Neighborhood Health Services

2015: Leader of  behavioral health integration- Debra Morrison, Neighborcare Health

2016: Addressing Social Determinants of Health- Sylvia Ness, Community Health Worker Program Supervisor, Multnomah County Health Department

2017: Leader in community partnership development- Jennifer Kreidler-Moss, CEO, Peninsula Community Health Services

2018: Outstanding leadership in addressing the opioid epidemic- Dr. Kristin Miller, CMO & Family Practice Provider, Siskiyou Community Health Center 

2019: Champion in addressing chronic illness: diabetes & hypertension- Team from Kodiak Community Health Center: Dr. Curtis Mortenson, Medical Director; Dr. David Silbergeld, Family Medicine Provider; and Belinda Chambers, Registered Dietician and Diabetes Case Manager

Helping Us Help You Award

1999: Hugh Phillips, Valley Family Health Care

2000: Anita Monoian, Yakima Neighborhood

2001: Bob Maxwell, CHC La Clinica

2002: Tina Castanares, La Clinica del Carino

2004: Staff, High Point Medical and Dental Clinic

2005: NWRPCA Board

2006: Rich Kovar, Country Doctor

2007: Debbie Lain, Community Health Care

2008: All board members

2009: Sonia Handforth-Kome, Iliuliuk

2010: Mike Maples, Central Washington

2011: Ann Turner, Virginia Garcia

2012: Kelly Volkmann, Benton County

2013: Virginia Garcia Leadership and Staff

2014: Heidi Baines, Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center

2015: Patrick Luedtke, Community Health Centers of Lane County

2016: Mary Jo Ybarra Vega, Quincy Community Health Center

2017: Heidi Hart, Terry Reilly Health Services


2019: Elizabeth Oseguera, California Primary Care Association 



Left to right: Mike Maples, Elizabeth Oseguera, and Curtis Mortenson receiving the 2019 Legacy Award, Helping Us Helping You Award, and Summit Award, respectively. 


Des Skubi receiving the Legacy Award in Anchorage, 2016



Katie Bell, 2013 recipient of the Summit Award, and NWRPCA CEO, Bruce Gray


 NWRPCA CEO, Bruce Gray, and Michelle Sullivan, 2013 recipient of the Summit Award

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