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About Our Online Communities

NWRPCA has traditionally linked community health center leadership and staff through job-role specific online peer-networking communities, allowing community members to communicate directly with their peers about the issues they face in their daily work. Our function-specific groups provide our members, as well as staff members at other health centers and PCAs, an opportunity to share knowledge and seek advice on topics critical to their work. 


Individuals who work at any CHC or PCA in the United States are eligible to apply for group membership. All NWRPCA Online Communuties are private to CHC and PCA staff.

For more information about our online communities, email Member Services at membership@nwrpca.org.


CFO Online Community

Financial forecasting, RVU analysis and financing site/service expansion related to CMHCs. This online community is hosted by Google Groups.

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Human Resources Online Community

CMHC or PCA employee policies and compensation, supervision, evaluation tools, formats for background checks and benefits. This online community is hosted by Google Groups.

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Pain Management Online Community

Join other providers from community health centers around the region to discuss opioid prescribing and pain management.  Through this community, take the COPE-REMS course, network, and share best practices.

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Other Social Media

Join the conversation on our on other social media pages.

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