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Spotlight on Teri Davis, Bethel Family Clinic

Thursday, August 11, 2016   (0 Comments)
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Teri Davis, MS, LPC, CDC-I, was born and raised in Bethel, Alaska and has worked for the Bethel Family Clinic for nearly a year and a half. She was hired as a result of the Behavioral Health Integration grant award to design and integrate a behavioral health program into our primary care setting. Teri holds dual roles as a Behavioral Health Clinician and a Behavioral Health Consultant. As a clinician, she provides mental health and substance use services to adults and children for 50% of her time. As a consultant, the other 50% of her time is spent being available to our medical providers for on-site consultations in addition to other integration duties. Teri designed and implemented the depression and alcohol screening processes over a year ago and is constantly evaluating ways to improve the integration process.

Teri received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Sciences and Psychology from Boise State University in 2010 and then completed her Master’s of Science in Counseling Psychology at Alaska Pacific University in 2012. Teri is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, a National Certified Counselor and a Chemical Dependency Counselor. Teri will complete her Animal Assisted Psychotherapy certification in May 2016.

Outside of work, Teri serves on the board of directors for the Alaska Addiction Professionals Association and enjoys spending time outdoors, especially hunting, fishing, and camping with her family and her dog Mazie.


Bethel Family Clinic's Behavioral Health Program

In 2015, the behavioral health program has grown to two full-time Master’s level clinicians who are providing both mental health and substance use services to an array of both children and adults from Bethel and the surrounding villages.

During 2015, the behavioral health program participated in the planning and implementation process with 4-H and Public Health of a suicide prevention event that was attended by over 100 people.

The Behavioral Health program was also instrumental in bringing awareness and education to the community about the heroin epidemic. We hosted two Heroin Education Evenings to provide information for families and providers about heroin and how to access treatment. Additionally, we hosted and sponsored a Heroin Awareness 5K walk & run that over 50 people participated in. Through our assessment services we assisted over 20 people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction get into residential treatment and provided a free weekly Heroin Support Group for those in recovery. The Bethel Family Clinic is the main heroin assessment center in the area; providers receive referrals from YKHC medical providers due to the extensive knowledge and experience working with those suffering from heroin addiction.

Through the implementation of our integration program, we screened over 600 patients for depression and alcohol use and provided appropriate interventions and/or referrals to many of those who screened positive.

The Bethel Family Clinic’s Behavioral Health integration program was highlighted at the Alaska Primary Care Conference in 2015 and Teri will be presenting about our program at the Alaska Addiction Professionals Conference in May 2016 to help other agencies design their integration program.

Services offered:

Individual therapy
Group therapy
Family therapy
Marriage therapy
Assessment & referral to treatment
Case management
Behavioral Health consultation


Please contact Bethel Family Clinic at (907) 543-3773 with any questions about the behavioral health program.


-LaTesia Guinn, Executive Director of Bethel Family Clinic


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