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Outreach and Enrollment Update: Looking Ahead

Thursday, June 19, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Joy Ingram
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by Jessica Burkard, NWRPCA Outreach & Enrollment Project Manager

The outreach and enrollment program at NWRPCA has been busy planning an exciting set of activities and opportunities for your CHC. A new webinar series, in-person trainings, and resources for National Health Center week will be available this summer! As always, be sure to check the outreach and enrollment webpage of the NWRPCA site for upcoming events and archived materials from prior activities.

National Health Center Week: Promote Outreach & Enrollment

National Health Center Week (NCHC) will be observed August 10th-16th.  During the recent NWRPCA Spring Conference, a focus group of CHC board members, in-person assisters, and O&E leads discussed O&E and special populations. The group proposed to use National Health Center Week as a platform for Outreach and Enrollment, specifically focusing on special populations.

NWRPCA, the Idaho, Oregon & Alaska Primary Care Associations are collaborating to help your CHC organize activities for this national celebration highlighting the amazing work of CHCs. This is a fantastic opportunity to engage your community, promote Outreach & Enrollment and showcase your CHC. This partnered project has developed a unique approach to celebrating National Health Center Week:

  • Each weekday will have a "theme." Topics include: CHC 101, policy, outreach, enrollment and others.
  • National resources are collected in one location for your convenience.
  • Customized resources to fit your state-specific needs (such as Medicaid expansion) will be available and categorized by "theme days."

Resources will be available in early/mid July. State contacts for this project are: Idaho-Katrina Hoff ( khoff@idahopca.org); Oregon-Stephanie Castano ( Scastano@orpca.org); and Alaska-Cherise Fowler ( CheriseF@alaskapca.org).

Do you have a successful activity or best practice you'd like to showcase? Please send it to Jessica Burkard (jburkard@nwrpca.org) and she will incorporate it as a model for other CHCs to learn from. Be sure to check out NACHC's www.healthcenterweek.org for national efforts! Stay tuned for more information.

Outreach and Enrollment Webinar Series Part 2

The first outreach and enrollment webinar series kicked off in early spring. Over 300 participants joined the three part series that covered the fundamentals of O&E, making the business case, and the special enrollment period. Using evaluation and survey results, another webinar series will be planned this summer.  Dates and speakers will be announced by the end of June. Below are brief descriptions of topics:

Conducting Effective Outreach for Open Enrollment

During 2013's open enrollment, CHCs effectively enrolled the uninsured through in-reach efforts. Moving forward, CHCs will focus more on outreach activities in an effort to enroll and engage specific populations in their communities. What activities and tools should outreach activities include? Who should be targeted? In this webinar, participants will:

  • Learn the fundamentals for effective outreach
  • Obtain tools and resources on identifying and targeting specific populations
  • Hear a successful outreach model targeting special populations
Patient Education: They're Covered, Now What?

CHCs successfully enrolled millions into coverage during the first open enrollment. Now what? The newly insured is a diverse population with unique characteristics. New enrollees have little to no experience using the health system and have challenges understanding their coverage. What information do they need to understand health insurance? How can CHCs educate patients for effective use of their coverage?  In this webinar, participants will:

  • Understand the components and fundamentals of health insurance literacy
  • Learn about the newly insured population and how it contributes to health coverage utilization
  • Obtain resources and tools for effectively educating the newly insured
Enrollment During Tax Season: Tax Prep and How it Impacts Enrollment

Tax season and 2014's open enrollment occur simultaneously this year. Three out of four uninsured individuals file a federal tax return. Tax credits provide opportunities for lower premiums and significantly impact coverage costs. How will tax season affect enrollment? What tax credits should enrollment workers understand to effectively enroll the uninsured?   In this webinar, participants will:

  • Learn tax season and enrollment period timelines and how it impacts enrollment
  • Understand the most common tax credit situations affecting application processing
  • Obtain tools and resources to support enrollment workers on tax credit education

NWRPCA/CHAMPS Fall Conference: October 19-22, 2014

The annual Fall Primary Care Conference brought to you by CHAMPS and NWRPCA is scheduled for October 19-22 in Denver, Colorado. A full day outreach and enrollment workshop will occur on Wednesday, October 22. Topics will include a focus on outreach through community collaboration and patient engagement.  We are looking for CHCs that have had success in focused outreach to unique populations or that have conducted a comprehensive patient engagement program (topics can include patient activation or education on health literacy). If you have a project or best practice to showcase, please contact Jessica Burkard at Jburkard@nwrpca.org.

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