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Region X Outreach and Enrollment Survey

Thursday, January 16, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Joy Ingram
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by Jessica Burkard, Project Manager Outreach & Enrollment, Northwest Regional Primary Care Association

State and Regional PCAs Collaborate for Better Access to Primary Care

In an effort to collaborate regionally, capitalizing on federal dollars invested in the new insurance marketplace, NWRPCA and Region X SPCA's have jointly surveyed Northwest CHCs on outreach and enrollment (OE) progress and goals. These state-specific surveys helped identify projects for S/RPCA collaboration as well as pilot projects NWRPCA might conduct for the benefit of members in the four states.

Not surprisingly, CHCs and SPCAs have been very busy enrolling patients and training In-Person Assisters. Common needs uncovered in the state surveys included general OE education for all CHC staff and educating the newly insured on how to use their coverage.

Survey Results
  • Alaska: 83% of participants indicated a desire to target the Young Invincibles (adults 18-34) with 63% indicating seasonal workers. We will collaborate on marketing and partnership opportunities to increase enrollment of these populations.

  • Idaho: 70% of survey participants selected the Young Invincibles as their biggest target for outreach and enrollment, with all indicating a strong need for advanced education for enrollment staff. IPCA will lead advanced training efforts with NWRPCA exploring marketing and outreach opportunities aimed at the Young Invincibles.

  • Oregon: 45% of those surveyed identified the Homeless as the population they'd most like to engage. NWRPCA will be leading pilot projects targeting the Homeless with OPCA's support and guidance (specific sites will be selected).

  • Washington: Participants also identified the Young Invincibles (40%) as the primary target group and Native Americans second. WACMHC will continue to provide advanced training to In-Person Assisters with NWRPCA focusing on new enrollee education.
Upcoming Education Opportunities

In February, CHCs will receive a brochure on new enrollee education. This brochure, also a S/RPCA collaborative effort, provides resources and information to help the newly insured make the most of their plans. Each CHC will receive complimentary copies to pilot the brochure, which will also be available in a downloadable file. While the brochure provides standard information, it will be available in four subtly modified versions to also identify state-specific resources. To view Alaska's brochure, click here and for Idaho's click here. Washington and Oregon's will be uploaded by the end of January. Stay tuned!


Please contact Jessica Burkard at jburkard@nwrpca.org or 206.783.3004 x23 for more information.

Thank you!

A big thanks to the SPCA's for collaborating on these surveys! We look forward to working together to provide you with resources, tools, and projects to support the great work you are doing on outreach and enrollment.

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