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Telehealth Promising Practices and Clinical Technique for Effective Virtual Encounters

Friday, October 16, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Crysta Maniscalco
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Written by Nick Szubiak, MSW, LCSW, Principal, NSI Strategies


Nick will be presenting at the NWRPCA/CHAMPS 2020 Virtual Fall Primary Care Conference at 9-10AM PT on 10/22.


Over the past seven months, health centers have experienced transformation like never before, starting with the onset of COVID-19 followed by the evolving revelation of long-existing human rights and racial inequalities that continue to impact the health and wellness of our communities. The shift into this new time calls some of us to speak, many of us to listen, and all of us to lead. Health Centers across the country have been adapting to the tremendous changes required to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Adversity, challenges, and limited resources are nothing new to health centers; in fact, we have a history of thriving and being resilient in times of turbulence.


The unique and dynamic structure of health centers is the modern paradigm for overcoming the gaps and challenges that have plagued our healthcare system for decades. Reflected in the various models of integrated care, health centers realize the vision of working with people by attending to their minds, bodies, social and cultural dynamics, in a holistic relationship of healing. This individualized and “patient-centered” approach utilizes the best practices that science and research have to offer. In this way, health centers become the centers of health for the communities they serve. By focusing on patient-centered approaches they improve the health and well-being of the entire community. Health centers lead the charge to impact the overdose death rate by staying on the cutting-edge of implementing SBIRT and MAT into the primary care setting. They are reducing the long-term impact of chronic health conditions, have the ability to address behavioral health conditions in primary care, and are active in again leading the healthcare curve by implementing trauma-informed approaches to care – setting the bar for how we all will provide healthcare one day. Health centers are also treating the most vulnerable populations. Their patients are often the most impacted by social determinants that exacerbate health conditions – for most of these patients’ lives, they have had the fewest resources and the most need.


Enter March 2020. At a record pace, health centers once again lead the way by implementing telehealth services to provide care to our communities. The speed at which care delivery transformed – in a matter of days – was nothing short of amazing. This transformation is yet another storied example of what makes health centers and the people who work in them remarkably unique.


I am honored to be returning to this year’s 2020 Virtual CHAMPS/NWRPCA Fall Primary Care Conference to present on Telehealth Promising Practices and Clinical Technique for Effective Virtual Encounters. I hope you and your team will join us as I review what we have learned from the field about the operational and clinical utilization of telehealth.


The content for this presentation is the culmination of the wisdom and ingenuity of health center staff, whose talent has been an incredible inspiration to me. Learning from and supporting my colleagues through the transformation process for how we deliver care was both exciting and stressful. In our session, we will explore specific skills and techniques that support our providers in delivering telehealth care, talk about tools that can be provided to patients to enhance their telehealth experience, and discuss operational implementation specifically relating to the unique qualities of operating integrated health centers virtually. Telehealth is a new tool that we need to prepare to integrate into how we provide care in the future. Similar to the process of integrating the electronic health record, how do we now incorporate telehealth as a part of what we do? Much of our session will be interactive as the industry experts are truly already in the room. By inviting our colleagues to share their stories of success and learning, we can continue to respond to our communities with resiliency, and once again lead the way as a model of successful transformation.


Please allow me to welcome you to the 2020 Virtual CHAMPS/NWRPCA Fall Primary Care Conference and don’t hesitate to say a virtual hello and connect – in all the new ways to do so that 2020 has brought to us.



Nick Szubiak, MSW, LCSW

Principal, NSI Strategies nick@nsistrategies.com







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