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Copper River Native Association

Monday, November 4, 2019   (0 Comments)
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Written by: Copper River Native Association Team 



Each morning begins like all the others at the Copper River Native Association’s Robert Marshall Building located near Alaska’s mighty Copper River in rural Alaska. Children scurry through the halls to the child development center, passing elders and staff members who offer hugs and encouragement along the way. Community members are greeted warmly by CRNA professionals who work together with families and CRNA professionals to match the best treatment for each client - whether that requires primary medical, behavioral, wellness, or elder care - or a combination of the many healthcare and social services CRNA provides.


The Copper River Native Association is a Comprehensive Tribal Healthcare Organization serving five Ahtna Tribes – Cantwell, Kluti-Kaah, Gakona, Gulkana, Tazlina, and the non-indigenous communities throughout the vast Copper Basin, an area nearly the size of West Virginia.


CRNA believes health and wellness connect to every aspect of life, and that every family should have access to a world-class level of advanced healthcare services close to home. CRNA delivers high-quality, integrated care in its 31,000 square-foot Robert Marshall building, located near the confluence of the Tazlina River and the Copper River. CRNA employs 130 professionals and is staffed with the only full-time Medical Doctor within 100 miles, and the only Dentist who offers a sliding fee schedule. CRNA has a fully functioning non-emergency patient transport system, providing more than 2000 patient trips a year.



CRNA is home to Primary Care, Behavioral Health, Wellness, Chiropractic and Dental Care clinics, as well as Child Development Services, Elder Services, and Social Services. Each department and clinic work together to provide complete patient-centered care. A client who comes to the Primary Care clinic for treatment related to trauma or stress is connected with a Wellness or Behavioral Health specialist who can help mitigate an underlying illness. Our Child Development services are fully integrated with our Behavior Health and Primary Care medical services.


The laughter of both our Children and Elders fill our halls every day, fulfilling our Promise Statement:


“We the Ahtna T’aene Nene’, inspired by our cultural values, will provide exceptional health services, child and youth development, and life-enhancing resources to empower all people in our region to thrive in every stage of life, from treasured infant to honored elder.”


CRNA strives to be a place where our cultural values are respected, the dignity of each individual is affirmed, and exceptional care is delivered.


CRNA has grown rapidly. Today, CRNA provides a level of integrated, comprehensive healthcare that has never before been available in the region and includes the following primary services:

  • Primary Medical Care
  • Pharmacy
  • Moderate Complexity Laboratory services
  • Comprehensive Behavioral Health services, including Psychiatry services
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Diabetes Support
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Dental Clinic with implant and conscious sedation capability
  • Optometry
  • Food Bank
  • Visiting Specialist Clinics
  • WIC Clinics
  • Social Support Services


CRNA believes every child in the region should have the opportunity to begin their life’s journey on a good trail. Our Childhood Development program makes it possible for many parents to enter the workforce and grow professionally while their treasured children receive exceptional developmental care. CRNA also offers youth development and leadership programs to help develop the next generation of leaders.


Elders are active participants in CRNA services. Many honored Elders come to CRNA every day, where they enjoy the following:

  • Daily Congregated Meals
  • Trips and Social Activities
  • Comprehensive Healthcare and Social Service Case Management
  • In-home Care
  • Water Delivery Service
  • Home Safety Repairs
  • Home Health Safety Monitoring




The nearest Trauma Rated Emergency Room is 150 miles away from the Copper River Valley. To save more lives in our region, CRNA is developing a Virtually Assisted Emergency Trauma Stabilization partnership with the ER Trauma Team at Alaska Native Medical Center located in Anchorage, Alaska. CRNA is building a high-tech Trauma Bay at CRNA that links Anchorage ER Doctors to its Family Practice Medical Provider Team through multiple live-feed room cameras, video-equipped medical instrumentation, head-mounted cameras on our Providers, audio headsets, and live-feed patient vitals and labs. This will allow highly experienced ER Doctors to assist Family Practice Providers in the high-stress moments of Acute Trauma Emergencies.




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