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NWRPCA Announces Partnership with BlueNovo

Saturday, August 10, 2019   (0 Comments)
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From its inception, BlueNovo has had an overarching organizational mission to deliver complex, mission critical projects within healthcare organizations marked by a methodology embedded with a focus on simplicity, agility and innovation. Founded by Senior Technology Executives with an extensive record of deploying intricate systems within complex organizational environments, its leaders are intimately aware of the potential downside a healthcare organization faces when it embarks on an enormous transition such as an EHR (Electronic Health Record) Implementation.


On a national level, the implementation of EHRs and of meaningful use attestation has not lead to significant improvements in the quality of patient care provided because the methodologies used to deploy these systems were/ are inadequate. Many healthcare organizations have actually experienced horrific outcomes as mortality rates have actually increased post-deployment. In response to this, BlueNovo developed a proprietary, comprehensive implementation methodology covering all aspects of the implementation, which ensures the EHR deployment is completed on time, on budget and with the desired improvement in the quality of patient care. BlueNovo’s methodology ensures a healthcare entity will fully reap the benefits of transitioning to an EHR.


With the advent of ARRA HITECH, healthcare providers have widely adopted EHR systems. Unfortunately, very few providers were actually, thoroughly aware of the enormity of the transition on which they were embarking. It is extremely difficult to grasp the magnitude of the transition of an EHR system implementation without prior experience. As such, many providers were unaware of the need for outside support in order to properly manage the transition and, as a result, many healthcare entities have not seen the anticipated improvements in patient care they had envisioned prior to deploying the EHR system. In fact, many providers are languishing under the ill-effects of a well-designed but poorly implemented EHR system.


In response, BlueNovo also developed an optimization methodology. The optimization methodology targets organizations that have deployed an EHR system, but have not yet acquired the anticipated benefits. BlueNovo re-evaluates the approach to the initial implementation and takes corrective action to help the organization reach the original intended improvements desired.


About BlueNovo

BlueNovo is a premier provider of physician and patient-centered healthcare quality and technology services. The company partners with community healthcare organizations to deploy breakthrough solutions that enhance productivity and impart lasting value that transforms the patient experience and increases provider efficiency.


BlueNovo provides a wide range of Health IT services specifically for Community Health Centers. For over a decade, they have collaborated with health centers to ensure their health IT infrastructure and EMR applications are positioned to meet the long-term needs of their organizations. BlueNovo’s core services include Strategy & Risk, IT Managed Services, Cybersecurity, EHR Implementation & Optimization, Clinical Transformation & EHR Support and Analytics. BlueNovo is vendor-agnostic and has subject matter experts for the most widely used EMR applications in the CHC market including NextGen, athenahealth (Centricity, athenaOne), eClinicalWorks, Allscripts, Greenway, and Epic.



  • BlueNovo national offices in Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, and Sacramento, CA
  • Served over 2,000 community health providers nationally
  • CHC clients in 20+ states
  • BlueNovo’s Key Focus Areas:
    • Strategy & Risk
    • Cybersecurity
    • Managed IT Services
    • Clinical Transformation & EHR Support
    • EHR Implementation & Optimization
    • Analytics

At BlueNovo, we pride ourselves on several key differentiators:

  • Industry leader and only vendor-agnostic Health IT provider exclusively for FQHCs nationally.
  • Primary focus on community health organizations (CHCs, FQHCs, Look-a-likes, PCAs, HCCNs, RHCs)
  • On-staff practicing health center physicians that lead every strategic client engagement
  • Strictly objective approach relative to the selection or optimization of an EHR or related healthcare technology. We hold all vendors to the same high and rigorous standards which we demand of ourselves.
  • We are vendor agnostic and have extensive experience working with CHC-compliant EHR technologies, including eClinicalWorks
  • Emphasizing and providing the bridge between QI & Health IT in all client engagements. · Providing proven and adaptive methodologies for Health IT assessments, vendor selections, and EHR optimizations.
  • Maintaining a significant focus on the evolving future of healthcare (including value-based and alternative payment models and population health management) and developing strategic long-term plans to enable CHCs to meet these initiatives.
  • Maintaining the highest level of ethics and integrity. We strive every day to do the right thing by our CHC clients and believe that the journey is as important as the destination. We believe in quality, value, strength of character, and commitment to get the job done right.


For more information, please contact:

Roopak Manchanda, MS, MBA

CEO & Managing Partner 








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