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Preventing Physician and Staff Burnout

Tuesday, May 14, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Intern NWRPCA
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Kathryn Gray, Senior Marketing Manager, McKesson 



Providers are consistently working under the strain and pressure of balancing the cost of care, quality of care, and patient satisfaction, which creates an increasing demand on their time. 


Medscape Lifestyle Report 2017 measured 27 physician specialties on burnout. All but one specialty gave a four or higher rating based on a seven-point scale.They measure the overall physician burnout rate at 51%. 


The impacts of burnout can touch multiple areas of a practice-- provider retention, error rates, customer satisfaction, or the organization's culture. It can even have a financial impact. Just replacing a physician is estimated to cost between $500,000 to #1,000,000. 


Not surprising, four areas identified as the top causes of burnout in the Medscape study:

  •  Too many bureaucratic tasks
  • Feeling like just a cog in a wheel
  • increased computerization of practice
  • spending too many hours at work

In addition, an American Medical Association (AMA) study found family doctors spend 86 minutes with their EHR nightly. 3


Providers are frustrated with all the keying, manual entry and duplicate work that interrupts their day and takes away from delivering patient care. Finding ways to automate manual processes may help reduce face-time with the computer, help reduce errors, and get rid of some of the frustrations of the paperwork-- reducing the potential for burnout. 


One helpful way to reduce these tasks is by using connected devices. Consider the lab tests you perform in office. 


When you receive urine sample test results on a paper print-out, someone is walking down the hall to deliver or receive the results. Then someone scans or keys the information in the EHR and it routes for approval again, even though it's already been seen. This creates added steps for the providers as well as the opportunity to mismatch the results with the patients-- or potentially enter the wrong results. 


Consider using software like RelayMed to connect your lab devices to your EHR. Test results automatically flow into your EHR and are available instantly with 100% accuracy.4  No more trips down the hall, no more keying, no more errors-- helping you increase productivity and patient satisfaction. 


Look for opportunities to reduce computer time by exploring how you can connect more of your devices to your EHR. 

  • Is your scale connected or are you manually keying height and weight for every patient?


Exploring tools within the programs you're already using. Are you already ordering supplies online? If you are, then there may be added features within your ordering platform that can help reduce some of these time-consuming tasks. If not, you should consider this-- many supply portals offer capabilities to automatically match invoices to packing slips, help reduce the number of items in inventory, send you inventory notifications and help you manage your inventory so you don't run into delays or complications that a manual process may bring. 


Identify the areas within your center that are causing frustration and burnout for your team. List them in priority. Then tackle the top 3-- one at a time. 


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