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Health Center MAT Programs by Zip Code

Wednesday, December 12, 2018  
Posted by: Thomas Johnson
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Last month we provided a broad overview of how health centers in Region X are expanding their substance use disorder programs by providing Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) options to their patients. This month, we are actually mapping those health center's service areas to illustrate just how widespread MAT availability is for health center patients.

Below is an interactive map showing all zip code tabulated areas (ZCTAs) for each state in Region X. The fill color indicates how many health centers with MAT programs serve that area. Dots represent the location of full-time, non-administrative health center sites. Patients residing within ZCTAs that are colored darker shades of blue have greater access to MAT, as more health centers with MAT programs serve those areas. On the contrary, patients living in areas with lighter shades of blue have reduced access to health center related MAT programs.

As you can see, the ZCTAs in the Portland and Seattle metropolitan areas have the highest concentration of MAT programs. Many of those areas are served by three or more different health center related MAT programs. People who live in rural areas, however, have far fewer options. In Alaska and Idaho, all but a handful of ZCTAs are served by only one or fewer MAT program.


And in a few locations you can see where there are health center locations but no MAT options available. Patients who live in those areas most likely have to travel many miles before they encounter a provider certified to prescribe Buprenorphine. That can be a major burden since MAT is frequently paired with regular behavioral health therapies.

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Source: UDS 2017

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