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ATSU Alumni Spotlight: Caitlin Karplus, DO

Tuesday, May 15, 2018   (0 Comments)
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Caitlin Karplus   

Caitlin Karplus, DO
Primary Care Physician
Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center - Newberg, OR


I was asked to write about my decision to return to a CHC after residency. That decision was actually pretty easy after deciding to go to ATSU and then to The Wright Center for residency. At the risk of sounding like a walking billboard for the program, the ATSU structure leads very well to the Wright Center residency and then to working in a CHC. I'm always surprised when I meet other doctors who don't know about CHCs when I've been spending time training in them since my 2nd year of medical school. This early exposure definitely had an important role in my decision.


Not all CHCs are created equal and I am completely biased. The clinic I spent my residency in (Virginia Garcia Clinic) was filled with incredible people who were doing with their lives exactly what I wanted to do. It feels like a privilege to continue to work in this clinic system after residency. I'm now about 8 months in and it's been a good experience so far. I'm in the middle of the inevitable learning curve that happens in the first year after residency, but I'm pushing through and love the supportive team around me and the post-residency life in general.


They asked me to give some advice about residency as well. This is going to get a little real - residency is sometimes the worst. It hits you hard in your confidence, your compassion, your emotional health, and your physical health. You have to be intentional about reaching out for help and reaching out to help others. It's cliche, but find what keeps you sane and hold on tight through the tough parts. Work hard, but then allow yourself to relax hard and let go when you can. Remember that it gets better each year and then you get to go be a doctor when you're done, so that's pretty cool. Good luck!




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