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Declare 2018 the Year of Transparency

Monday, December 11, 2017   (0 Comments)
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Sharon Thompson, Business Development Manager, Jackson Physician Search


Outlook. According to Merriam Webster, the word has nuanced meaning. It can be “a point of view” or “a prospect for the future.” Charging headlong into 2018, you may first think in terms of the future: What can we count on to remain constant next year? What changes do we expect? What will utterly shock us in 2018?


The truth is: We can’t predict the future – and only a few of the factors that influence the future outlook are under our control.


That’s why our point of view really matters. If we look at our challenges as opportunities- and communicate about them with transparency- we will expand the positive impact of the work we do for our organizations and communities.


What Influences Point of View?


My point of view has been influenced through nearly a decade working in physician relations and recruiting at Olympic Medical Center, where I supported the strategic plan and growth of the health system. My job was to develop, maintain and enhance our relationships with qualified providers and recruit more of them.


In service to the community as president of the Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce, my sphere of relationships expanded and provided a greater appreciation of how healthcare and economic development are seamlessly woven into the fabric of all communities.


Recently, I transitioned into a new role as business development manager of Jackson Physician Search for the Northwest region. Leaving the job I loved at Olympic Medical Center was a difficult choice. But I could clearly see the opportunity to build more relationships, expand the impact of my experience and leverage my team’s skills to serve communities throughout the Northwest.


Each person’s experience informs their unique point of view. But for anyone who has had a seat at the table with fellow administrators, providers, policy makers and civic leaders, it is clear:


  • Strong relationships amplify positive impact
  • Transparency is the foundation of strong relationships


What Influences Recruitment in the Future?


In 2018, there will be no relief in the pressure to recruit physicians and advanced practice providers, especially in rural, remote and low-income areas. But viewing physician recruitment as an insurmountable challenge can sometimes cloud our vision and cause us to overlook the opportunity to build on our foundation of relationships and exercise transparency, creativity and resourcefulness.


Certainly we will be more constrained by limits on compensation and resources. Fortunately, those are not the only criteria that motivate providers to practice in our communities. Physicians and advanced practice providers want to become valued members of a community in which teamwork and partnerships extend beyond the clinic exam room and hospital walls. Yes, we need physicians, but they need community partners to help them fulfill their life’s work and use their training to promote health. They respond well to clear expectations, transparency about the realities of a practice, and no hidden agendas.


Northwest Regional Primary Care Association’s vision of supporting exemplary professional homes for community health center staffs is grounded in core values of respect, trust and excellence. Providers and communities benefit from NWRPCA’s efforts to leverage regional power and resources to create a network of vibrant, quality health centers.


It is our job to understand the needs of community health centers, discover the motivations of candidates, and find the fit that works for the health center, community, physician and their family. While at Olympic Medical Center, the partnership with Jackson Physician Search allowed me to experience -- first-hand – the value of transparent terms, excellent customer service, consultative advice and best practices that produce results.


Communicating and acting with transparency has the power to transform our communities to become the places where the best providers want to work and live.


If we can declare 2018 as the Year of Transparency, the outlook for recruiting to our region will be positive.



Sharon Thompson is Manager of Business Development with Jackson Physician Search, working with clinics and health care systems in the Northwest Region to place highly qualified physicians and Advanced Practice Providers.


Sharon can be reached at sthompson@jacksonphysiciansearch.com or on her cell phone at 360-450-1491



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