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Osteopathic Medicine stresses treating the whole person and recognizes the interrelation of the body's nerves, muscles, bones and organs. Doctors of Osteopathy are trained in all aspects of medicine, with additional emphasis on hands-on diagnosis and treatments.


To learn more about Osteopathic medicine visit:

American Osteopathic Association

American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine.


ATSU-SOMA and Community Campuses

In this innovative program, medical students complete their first year of medical school at the central campus in Arizona and then go to one of the 11 health center campuses for their second through fourth years of medical school. One of these campuses is the unique regional campus hosted by NWRPCA.


At the NWRPCA Campus students are in classroom study in Portland, Oregon for their second year and then continue their learning in clinical rotations in health centers throughout Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.


Click here to read more about the ATSU-SOMA NWRPCA Campus


ATSU-SOMA Admission

Click here to review A.T. Still University SOMA admission requirements.

Hometown Scholars

Do you have experience volunteering or working in a health center? If you do, the Hometown Partnerships for Health might be right for you!


This program facilitates more mission-driven applicants to be accepted to the school by giving acceptance preference to those applicants recommended by a community health center endorsement. A Hometown endorsement lets the A.T. Still University SOMA program know which applicants health centers believe could become the compassionate community-minded healers they would like to employ.

Hometown applicants are those who have:

  • Located a community health center (CHC) they want to stay involved with.

  • Developed relationships with CHC staff and leadership.

  • Learned about the working environment of a CHC.

  • Gained valuable volunteer or work experience.

  • Gained SOMA application endorsement from a CHC leader.

Click here to read more about the A.T. Still University SOMA Hometown Partnership



Have additional questions? Email NWRPCA Campus.

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