Welcome to Northwest Regional Primary Care Association (NWRPCA)

Northwest Regional Primary Care Association (NWRPCA) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 membership association that works to ensure equal access, regardless of one's financial or insurance status, to primary and preventive health care for all residents living in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. To do this, NWRPCA leverages its regional power to support and advocate for community-based health centers at the national level, and to provide training and workforce development support, helping them to become model "professional homes" to their staff and board members.

Community Health Centers: the heart of our story

Health centers offer a safety net for the community's most vulnerable residents while providing a quality of care that is equal to or better than national standards. They are federally supported non-profit or public corporations that offer comprehensive primary and preventive healthcare and enabling services to their communities. Health centers must be located in a high-need community and not restrict their services based on financial or insurance status. They are also unique in that they are governed by a majority consumer/patient board of directors.

Health centers emerged from the civil rights activism of the 1960s and 1970s and were initially federally funded as part of the War on Poverty. In 2008, 86 health centers in the Northwest saw a total of 1,095,146 patients: 49 percent were members of racial minorities,  33 percent were Hispanic, and 68 percent lived at or below the poverty line. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, community health centers will play a pivotal role in providing greater access to basic care for millions more Americans.