How about the Elephant in the Room?

How long can you ignore the coming of ICD-10?

How prepared are you to make the transition? NWRPCA has partnered with Priority Management Group (PMG) to offer Region X FQHCs a comprehensive, flexible program with just-in-time learning for just the right staff. AND, together NWRPCA and PMG have created a plan to make the training more affordable to health centers. 

Learn the details of the PMG/NWRPCA partnership here

Learn the details of the training course and all its elements on the PMG web site:

Getting Started

Ready to enlist the expertise of PMG for your ICD-10 preparation? No need to contact NWRPCA if you are in Region X. Go directly to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at PMG. Our partners are currently enrolling cohorts who might work together to support each other and share best practices. The earlier you join  a cohort, the more likely you will have the time to ensure success. Call PMG now to enroll in Cohort One by August 15, Cohort Two by September 15, or Cohort Three by October 15. 

A Realistic Goal

Remember our target: All Region X health centers (whether NWRPCA members or not) coding in ICD-10 by June, 2014, ensuring a comfortable crosswalk between 9 and 10 for a smooth October 1, 2014 transition.




Physician Coding and Billing

NWRPCA currently does not contract for coding and billing training with any particular vendor. However, we encourage our members to take advantage of the excellent training offered by Priority Management Group (PMG). You may view the webinar offerings at

If you have taken our coding/billing webinars in past years, you will find the PMG format, scheduling and topics a little different from what you have been accustomed to. We encourage you to try the PMG webinars and give us feedback. You will find a staff directory under the "Contact Us" tab. Feel free to give your feedback to anyone in Education and Training or Member Services.

We are currently working to establish an ongoing and effective training program, including comprehensive ICD-10 preparation, for our medical coders and billers. Thank you for your patience as we seek the best solution for you.